Tuesday, 16 November 2010

This exhibition, just off St Paul's Square in Birmingham was well work hunting down. 
I enjoyed it very much.  
Angie Lewin   Mug with Feathers
Their detail and skill is amazing.

 Chris Daunt   Magda with Flowers
Rosamund Fowler  Flying Fish Flowers
I love the qualities of line and use of contrast in wood engravings. Original limited edition prints are for sale and affordable. One hundred and twenty three beautifully designed and crafted wood engravings currently showing at
RBSA, Birmingham
but only until 20th November.
Visit here to catch the exhibition at a gallery near you.

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rachel said...

I have an Angie Lewin card (Yellow Rattle) and can't quite bring myself to either write in it or send it to anyone.... perhaps I shall just have it framed instead, and keep it for myself!