Thursday, 27 October 2011

Ceramic Inspiration V&A

The V&A is a fabulous place.
In the ceramic section alone I must have spent two hours and now need to go back to focus on selected pieces and sketch. It is vast.
These first three pieces I love for their surface treatments. Beautifully balanced shape, colour, pattern fill and rhythmic lines.
Contrast of crystal glaze and matt black. Rust burning into edges. 
Thin dry white skin. The once soft clay now it's scars fixed.
This is an unusual piece to catch my eye. A simple doll. The movement from left to right of the potter's tool can still be seen. A lovely shape to hold. I can just imagine it being held and played with by a child. Could be a Goddess with other purposes but that's my theory.
As I struggle with 3D I think this appealed because I thought I might be able to manage a similarly simple object. We'll see.


Anita said...

Such gorgeous pieces! They inspire me and are simply amazing.

renilde said...

Yes, inspiring, give it a try dear Patricia, x