Sunday, 29 April 2012

This is Mishima

A wobbly porcelain pinch pot with a ridiculously small foot. I carved decoration into the surface when it was dry, then bisque fired it. I then painted black vitreous slip on and cleaned it back until only the carving was stained. I made this pot and later found out about the Japanese term "Mishima".
And then this little one I did the same way. The drawing looks a little like a cave painting. Although I like the contrasting black glaze on the outside, that rim was so difficult and remains messy. 

Now look how the professionals do it........
I think Priscilla Mouritzen does her great insect decoration in one firing, then a glaze inside.
She is "The Tops", as far as I'm concerned, for porcelain pinch pots.  
Beautiful detail and just a touch of subtle colour by Molly Hatch.

A variation - I pressed tools into red clay to "draw" the fish features then covered it all in white slip. When it was dry I scraped back the white slip just enough to pick out the features and textures.

Next, more experiments pressing lino into the clay.

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