Friday, 9 November 2012

Collagraph Print

 I love printing and I have tried lots of printing methods in the past
 - etching, woodcut, linocut, lithography and screenprinting
- but I've never done a collagraph print before.
I had opportunity to use a printing press (very briefly)
so I snatched the chance and made a collagraph plate.
It is basically a collage creating low relief surfaces and textures.
I rather like the plate itself.
It has a couple of coats of varnish on it and a residue of the ink.

Here is an expert though
Click on the photo to see the lovely detail of the textures.
Take a look at her blog and the beautiful enamel work she produces too.


Sue Brown said...

How flattering to be mention in your post, I don't know about expert though! Lovely use of textures, collagraph is an interesting technique, it's good so see others enjoying it. XX

renilde said...

I just had a look at Sue Brown's blog, she makes beautiful work, wonderful observing, but i have to say i love your bird too, the movement in the feathers, his eye, x