Sunday, 4 November 2012

Kabuki Inspired Clay

Last year I was inspired by Japanese woodcuts of kabuki actors.
I love how the voluminous fabric of their costumes takes over.
  I drew them into clay. 
I liked their simplicity at bisque.
 They stayed like this for months but I final got around to completing their robes.

Although flat, they have supports enabling them to stand up.
Perhaps I'll get more of my flat pieces to stand in future.


Mindy said...

love these, Patricia!

Leonard Greco said...

Your work is just wonderful, i discovered your link through our mutual admiration of clive hicks-jenkins. I'm admiring everything you have posted, but these kabuki figures are really marvelous.
will return to your blog for a more thorough investigation.
thanks and take care,
Leonard (boondocks babylon)