Saturday, 24 November 2012

Medieval Style

Looking for ways to create backgrounds for my ceramic decoration I found myself going back
 to Gaston Phoebus and his "Livre de Chasse".
Last time I looked at this work I was utterly charmed by the love and attention bestowed upon the hounds.
These particular images though, show the beasts that man and his dog will hunt.
Each animal is portrayed in its ideal surroundings - its Eden.
Each painting shows: "This is what this beast is about! This is where it's happiest."
I find them touching and joyful.
 I like the way the artists stylised plants and trees and used layering of colours,
 especially on trees.
The influence of medieval paintings is clear in the work of British "Arts and Crafts" artists and designers such as William De Morgan and William Morris. 
William Morris & John Henry Dearle 1890
  Lovely specimen wild flowers and decoratively arranged foliage.
The Huntsman, CFA Voysey 1919
I do like it when plants are specific and identifiable in artwork. Animals and birds too.
I am reminded of Casa di Livia

A couple of buxom pigeons in there too.


Veuve said...

Gorgeous! I have a special love for medieval painting. Thanks for pointing me towards the "livre de chasse, it's beautiful. (And I appreciate it all the more as I recently adopted a greyhound.)

Sandra Robinson said...

Beautiful, the frescoed wall at Livia is gorgeous :)

Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

A fantastic array of images. This collection alone would feed me for months! I love the patterning in the grounds, and have long been inspired by medieval diapering to make informal passages of pattern in the backgrounds of my own work. The 'Livre de Chasse' is a work of painting genius.

renilde said...

beautiful, beautiful images Patricia, the 'livre de chasse' paintings, how every inch is filled with form and color, everything so well placed, the eye glides so easily over the work, and the weathered look of the 'casa di livia' murals, still, so alive, x