Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pretty Things

 Galloping gazelles!
 Indonesian dancer's jewelry catching the sun and casting shadows.
This little ornament in my work room is made up of a wrist cuff and hair decorations. The flowers, leaves and deer are on springs so that, when dancing, they vibrate and add to the delicacy of movement.
My photographs of Indonesia are tucked away in the loft but here's a photo from the net of a dancer in costume.


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Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

I love the delicacy of those ornaments, and the notion of them trembling on the dancer's head. When I was a kid I saw a photograph in a book of a girdle of hollow gold cowrie shells from the tomb of an Ancient Egyptian princess. The text explained that the shells were filled with pellets that would have tinkled when the wearer moved, and that idea stayed with me as an expression of grace and beauty. I have a similar feeling about your hair ornaments.