Saturday, 21 August 2010

Festival of Quilts

I really enjoyed the show and saw lots of things that got my mind working.
I am very sorry though, I cannot credit these quilts as I don't have the catalogue.

This one appeals first of all because it represents a domestic scene
secondly the gorgeous patterns and detail
but also because I like socks. They weren't actually socks but sock shaped pieces.
Washing lines seem to say care, organisation, comfort, patience
............and good weather of course.

Summer in the City
This is a great theme and there was such a variety in the resulting pieces.
This last one a school entry.

More to come.


Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Loving the socks!

MILLY said...

The Quilt show was very inspiring, so many different techniques and little details. Yes my head was buzzing with ideas.
Glad you liked my butterfly quilt. Lovely to find your comment and I have just enjoyed reading through your posts. Gorgeous photographs.