Sunday, 22 August 2010

More Quilts

I can wonder at the technical excellence and the time, patience and precision involved in creating the incredibly high quality of textile pieces in this show, but I want to log the ideas which appealed to me personally.
This one reminded me of the pieces I bought at The Antique Textiles Fair in Manchester last year, where snippets of old letters and cards can still be seen. My own pieces are made using old christmas and birthday cards with people's words visible but other things from the recycling bin tell their own story about me. 
It seems to have diary entries included.
 A map of a journey. 
It's best bits are the details - shame there weren't more.
These prints (linocuts?) look great!
Inspiration to try some printing on fabric. I also got some medium to experiment with transfering printed images from paper onto fabric.


paula said...

hi Patricia,

thank you for your visits!
to answer to your question ... I don't usually remove the plants I use for the prints on the ceramic work, unless I need to use them again but sometimes they just come off.
they will burn in the kiln and if nicely scented a lovely perfume is left in the studio :)
enjoy your day!

Lucille said...

Thank you for your visit. Have you seen Milly's quilt?
I'm enjoying perusing your blog and I must follow up your blog list too.