Sunday, 26 September 2010


David Mach - Calvary Crucifixion

Eduardo Paolozzi RA - Vulcan
Leonard McComb RA - Young Man Standing
Lynn Chadwick RA - Teddy Boy and Girl

Jon Buck - Dove

Blunderbird Moa Bike - Joe Rush
Just a few of the sculptures in the wonderful "Crucible" at Gloucester Cathedral. Thank you to Sue Brown for the tip. The exhibition is extensive and spread throughout the cathedral, inside and out. I'm sure I missed some pieces but there was just so much to see it needed a couple of hours at least. Cathedrals are for people to congregate and on Saturday there was a real buzz. I gasped more than once to see children clambering over some of the pieces and watched a teenager sitting on one of Peter Randall-Page's boulders, idly rocking it backwards and forwards. The artist probably expected such treatment but I do hope the boy had at least looked at the piece. I may well go back again but, hopefully, for some quiet contemplation next time, there are plenty of spots designed for just that.

Lynn Chadwick RA - Cloaked Figure
Blessed with sunshine I also walked around the dock area and came across the Arts & Crafts Centre. 
A great place for gift shopping, such as Kath Cooper's  ceramics and it sounds as if some of the artists will be offering workshops and classes. Lucky Gloucester to have such venues.

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