Tuesday, 5 October 2010



As the autumn sets in it is good to remember fun things for damp days - damp not actually raining. I have a big bubblemaker somewhere - not as big as this of course. The film looks slowed down slightly enabling us to better see the pops and the quivering forms. This particular film chosen for Satie's music too.


Sue Brown said...

Oh to be the dog walkers stumbling across this event. I have also done big bubbles with my children, thankyou for reminding me about it, my children are young adults now and I think they would enjoy revisiting this very grown up version of blowing bubbles.

renilde said...

Wonderfull,and the music,so well chosen.
I loved bubble making as a child and I still do.
Very relaxing to watch this clip.

Anonymous said...

Lovely bubbly!! Didn't see anything like this on my walk today :)