Sunday, 10 October 2010

Poetry Tiles

Poetry Tiles designed and made by Iris Milward . The text is often difficult to read because composition and flow of the design are her priority.
 "One joy dispels a hundred cares" - keep generating and sharing joys! Follow the link above to see more of her tiles. 
Her greetings cards make the most of the glaze crazing and the blue is quite indigo.
Iris balances pattern, line and solid colour beautifully. I took an awfully long time trying to decide which tile to buy myself, at Art in Action a couple of years ago. Some of my favourite pearls of wisdom:
"To see takes time"
"I'm not lazy, I have individual working methods"
"Punctuality is the virtue of the bored"
There are medieval and Japanese influences and Iris's animals are reminiscent of one of my long time favourites - William De Morgan.
Photo from British Museum
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery also have a large collection of his work.
My first job was in the ceramic industry - designing, testing, making - but after 25 years of travelling other paths I seem to have forgotten most of what I once knew and used on a daily basis. I have started playing with ceramics again though, with cobalt blue particularly. Maybe I'll have something I could show here one day.

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