Sunday, 12 September 2010

Puppy Love

I like looking into people's rooms and getting glimspes of their "behind the scenes" life. Rather than polished and dressed views, I prefer to see wear and tear on objects and furnishings and the signs that reveal people's ordinary sides (even important, famous, big shot, genius, artist people) . So I picked up a book, "Inside Job" with David Dawson's photographs of Lucian Freud's studio, to have a nosey.
I was struck by the pups.
I love the colours in these photographs. I can almost smell the paint.
A bit of internet searching revealed articles expanding on Freud's fondness of animals:
Pluto and Eli.
Pluto's grave.
Hockney sits amidst battle debris.
He loves dogs too.
There's something very satisfying about seeing creatures enjoy a comfy bed, a warm spot in the sun or a scratch behind the ear - almost as good as experiencing it yourself.


rachel said...

Cats and dogs are professional sleepers, I always think - no matter where, they make themselves so comfortable. No fussing about the right pillow, the thread count of the bedlinen, the exact angle of the light.....

renilde said...

Rooms can tell a lot,must be an interesting book.

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Great post, hope to buy the book.