Sunday, 5 September 2010

Big Sky

The Gate to the Isles (Blue Gate) 1980, Winifred Nicholson
This has long been a favourite. One of the few images salvaged from my flood-wrecked book of Winifred Nicholson's work in the early '90s, it spent time pinned to kitchen and bathroom walls, offering optimism and limitless possibilities with that big open sky.
Cineraria and Cyclamen, 1927
I could not afford the £200 or more it would now cost to replace my copy of that 1980's book.
Luckily a new book was published last year.
Flower Table: Pots, 1929
I like the simple, subject matter. Still life in the domestic environment. Her pot plants and window sills remind me of my Grandmother's house. I imagine her snatching time to paint between children and domestic chores, at least in her early years. The subjects unobtrusive out of necessity and landscapes viewed through the window from a kitchen or bedroom.
Dawn Chorus, before 1958
Colour and light were her inspirations right from the start. Even as a student the rainbow spectrum appeared in her work and a period in India served to charge her palette. Her paintings, for me, celebrate beauty in small things and joys of life.


Lucille said...

I have the very same works on postcards dotted about the house and one large framed print of Honeysuckle and Sweetpeas.

MILLY said...

Thank you for visiting me, I have left you a comment on your festival of quilt post so hope you have found it.
I bought the bonnet pattern and intend to make one, have you had time to make one. I would love to see it if you do, and promise I will post mine too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting today - and you're a Midlander too :) We share a love of Winifred!