Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lustre and Cracks

My only unbroken pot from the raku firing. It was the first pot I fired and hastily glazed - experimental. Lovely copper along the rim.
I really love the crazing in the glaze.
Artistic cracking.
I had high hopes for this little pot. I dipped it in glaze leaving some areas unglazed - they are blacken by the burning sawdust.
It does have some beautiful areas
but, sadly, weaken by the thermal shock it began to crumble.
The firing was exciting and great fun.
My enthusiasm for ceramics continues. My house and garden are filling up with pots and bits of ceramic.
I'm still not satisfied with my pot making skills, however, so I think I'll focus on surface decoration and make tiles and plaques for a while.

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Anonymous said...

The results are very good, you should be proud of yourself. I bet it was exciting to take the pots out of the kiln and examine the colours and the craks in the glaze?