Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New Project

William De Morgan
 I have long been an admirer of late 19th century Arts and Crafts artists and designers such as William Morris and William De Morgan. The ceramics of this era utilised such beautiful coloured transparent glazes and underglaze decoration but De Morgan's red lustre ware is particularly special.
 In his animal tiles I can see influences from medieval tiles, stained glass and carved decoration.
Sometimes he depicts fables or folklore. 
 De Morgan was also heavily inspired by Islamic designs. He used Islamic motifs but he also incorporated the feel of Islamic decoration into his own designs with swirling foliage. Ornament fills every space and the diagonal aids flow in repeating tiles.
 I have a ceramic project in mind and I will use William De Morgan as inspiration.
My ceramics will be for the garden. I particularly love the animals but prefer to concentrate on native creatures, the sort that might be spotted on walks.
I'd better get drawing then.

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Veuve said...

These are fantastic! How could I have not known about William De Morgan? Thanks for the introduction. :)